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SGSC provides Recreation Play and Comp Level play to boys and girls ages 5 to 18. We are a volunteer driven 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing playing opportunities to more than 800 children each year, in the greater Placerville CA area.




We are currently asking everyone to hold off on placing any picture orders.  There have been some discrepancies discovered that we are diligently working to resolve.

 We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.







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Next Board Meeting

The SGSC Board of Directors will meet on Wednesday, October 28, Tuesday, October 27, 2015  6:30pm.

NEW REGULAR MEETING LOCATION: Round Table, Main St, Placerville.

Effective 2/23/2015, meetings will normally be the 4th Wednesday of the month.  Parents are encouraged to become an active participant in Placerville area youth soccer, by attending board meetings.  For more information on how you can help, visit the Get Involved web page.

Rainy Day Policy
With rain in the forecast, practices are held at the discretion of the coach.  Safety is the #1 priority!  Each field location is in a different weather pattern, so if it's raining at your house, it may in fact be clear/dry at the field.  If thunder and lightning are present, all games and practices must be halted!

Games are always played as scheduled, unless the referee at the field determines otherwise.  In extreme weather conditions, you might receive prior notice that games are cancelled, via your Coach, or our website, but if no cancellation notice is given, your team must show up for the game.  As with practices, conditions will vary from field-to-field, not to mention that conditions will change throughout the day, and the decision to play (or not) is at the discretion of the referee at each field.

The fields must still be lined each week.  If there is rain in the forecast, please line the field when it seems that it would be the most dry.  Fields must be lined prior to Friday each week, preferably by Wednesday.

2015 AGM

The Annual Board Meeting will held on Thursday, November 19th, 6:00pm, Round Table on Main St, Placerville

All coaches and parents are encouraged to attend.  New club board members will be voted in at this meeting.

Smoke & Heat Policy

Outdoor practices are cancelled by COACHES when air quality is not Moderate or Good or while we have extreme temperatures.  Coaches may decide to still meet with their teams at an indoor location.  Please click here for an explanation of our recommendation, and how to monitor current up-to-the-hour air quality in the central California area.


WEEKEND GAMES will be cancelled if heavy smoke is present in the mornings. Coaches will be notified via email and we will post on the website.  If the smoke is dense in the morning, there is no way to determine IF it will clear or not by the afternoon, therefore ALL games scheduled on Sierra Gold fields will be cancelled for that day.  If your team is scheduled for an away game, you may want to contact the opponent coach to see if games are on in that area.  It is the coach's responsibility to make contact with the away location, or to show up ready to play.  If you are the home team hosting an out of town team, you must contact that coach immediately. **There could be an offer from the away coach, to host the game on their fields.  If you accept that offer, there will not be a need to reschedule (a very difficult task).  Therefore, it's a good idea to contact the visiting coach prior to contacting your team players, in the event they do make this offer.  That way, you'd be able to find out if your team can make it to the alternate game time and location.  For U6-U10,the Club will handle the reschedule-most likely by extending the season.

We'd like to Thank Everyone, in advance, for your patience as game rescheduling is a daunting task.