Competitive (Select) Soccer Program
What is Competitive Soccer?
Competitive soccer gives the better athletes a chance to:
      - play soccer with other better athletes
      - improve their skill by having an extra 2 months or more of practice
      - benefit from experienced coaching
      - experience competing in tournaments

How is Competitive Soccer different from Recreation Soccer?
      - Teams are formed through a tryout process
      - Coaches should be more experienced and are required to have a higher level of coach training.
      - Practice can start in once a team is completely registered.
      - Teams usually go to 3 or more tournaments (3 is probably average, but it's up to the coach).  Older teams usually go to more tournaments.
      - Regular season games are from August through November just like recreation soccer

Coach Selection
Our objective is to place the best head coaches possible for all Competitive teams, in order to meet and maximize the development and enjoyment of soccer for the players.  We select coaches by committee so that coaches are selected in a fair and unbiased fashion based upon qualifications, skill, approach, commitment, participation, and philosophy. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Who may tryout?
Any player that falls into the respective age groups listed on the home page (gender specific)
Do I have to tryout?
YES.  All new and returning players must attend tryouts in order to be selected for a Competitive team. There is never a guarantee of making the team each year.
How many tryouts must I attend?
Depending on the structure of the tryouts, players must attend at least one or two of the scheduled tryouts; however you are strongly encouraged to go to as many as you can.  Coaches may request that you return for an additional tryout.
What should I bring to tryouts?
Bring a soccer ball, and water bottle. Players must wear safe, appropriate attire and equipment, including shin guards and cleats.  Do not wear select or competition uniforms from prior years.
Do parents need to attend tryouts?
A parent or legal guardian must accompany the child to sign the necessary consent and medical authorization as required by CYSA.
How do I know if I made the team?
Participants will be notified with a phone call from the coach within a few days (up to 7) after the last scheduled tryout date if the participant did or did not make the team.
What if my child gets more than one offer?
If your child receives more than one offer (this can happen if trying out in multiple clubs), then it's your choice which offer to accept.  However, please accept or decline quickly.  Coaches need to notify all tryout participants within a couple days after the last tryout.  Therefore while you are deciding which offer to accept, both of those coaches are unable to call at least one player...the player they would need to extend an offer to if you decline.
How much does the season cost?  2017 Registration fee $130 + Uniform TBA, plus other expenses deemed appropriate by the coach.  Costs vary by team and division of play.  Costs include club registration, uniforms, tournaments, and other costs.  Many teams offer fundraising options that can offset or eliminate personal costs.  Depending on how much fundraising your team does, and how many tournaments your coach wants to play in, your cost could be anywhere in the range of $0-$300+ per player.  Please speak to the coach of your child's team for more information.  We welcome your questions and are available to help you.
How many games are played?
There are usually 10 league games, just like recreation soccer.  Most tournaments start in July and  August, however there are tournaments year around.  Most competitive teams go to a tournament at the end of July, 3-5 tournaments between August and December, and finally a tournament in December.  Since tournaments are typically 3 games, most competitive teams play 20-30 games per season.
When are the practices?
Most competitive teams practice 2- 3 times a week for 1.5 - 2 hours.  When Rec season begins, no more than 2 practices per week, and expect changes to practice schedule to meet the club's need for field usage.

How far does the team travel?
Many of the tournaments are in the Sacramento Metropolitan area. Away tournaments (out of Sacramento area) are typically within a few hours drive of Placerville.  Most games occur in the following counties, but are not limited to these counties: Butte, Colusa, El Dorado, Glenn, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, Sierra, Solano, Sutter, Yuba, Yolo. 
Can parents help?
Parent participation is highly encouraged and welcomed on any team within the Competitive Program.  Speak to the coach once the team gets started to see where the help is needed. Typical team support positions are Assistant Coaches, Transportation Coordinator, Video Camera person, etc.
Can I play on both a Competitive and Recreation team?
What are the coach training requirements?
We require our Competitive coaches to have relevant licensed coaching experience and we encourage our Competitive coaches and assistant coaches to attend club-sponsored coach training each year.

Questions? Contact the Club at:
Gary Dodge, Director of Coaching at