Recreation Team Coaches

We need coaches!  Why not have fun and make a difference in your child's life by volunteering your time and coaching his/her team?  We will provide you free training!  Do you want to apply to coach or assistant coach a Recreational Soccer Team?  Then read on!

BEFORE APPLYING~ You MUST complete the concussion waiver and submit the certificate.  Your Coach application will not be considered without this certificate uploaded.  The information needed is on our Home Page.


Coaches will be required to attend:

July 13, 2017
Club Coach meeting
LOCATION: Herbert Green Cafeteria

All new coaches need to be fingerprinted. We will not be able to have Captital LiveScan at this meeting this year.  Please make your way to the UPS store in Cameron Park ASAP to complete this process.  Please print out this form and bring it with you.  You MUST also bring your valid, government issued ID.
 Hours   Mon - Fri: 8:30am -6:00pm  Sat:  9:00am - 4:30am
The meeting will begin at 7:00.  Upon arrival, make sure to pick a number for practice field selection order.  Practice scheduling will take place at the end of the meeting.  If you cannot make it to the meeting, please send someone in your place - this is important!  Once the initial practice scheduling is recorded, the schedule will be available on a first come first served basis for those teams that still need scheduling.
Rosters will be sent out by email after the meeting, and once clearance is received on the background check.  As soon as you receive your roster, start calling your players right away.  Everyone is anxious to hear from you.

In advance ... you can download the SGSC Coach Manual and study up!

Head Coaches:  How to Apply to coach a team
This application is to express your interest in coaching a recreation soccer team.  Note: This is not a guarantee of a coaching position. Coaching positions are for one season only, and teams are for one season only.

There is a 2 step process to apply to coach:
1.  You need to complete the online coach registration in Bonzi, follow this link ** Coach Registration**. At the end of the online registration, you will receive an email, if your email states that your background check is required, you MUST complete another background check.  The live scan form with prepopulated fields, will be included in this email. You will need to fill out the fields that do not collect in the  system (e.g. eye color, hair color, etc...).  With the form printed out, you can go to an approved Capital Live Scan vendor. Please note, Capital Live Scan has increased the number of vendors in their network. They may now have a vendor in your area that will process the results according to the required procedure (see map of all approved vendors in your area If there still isn't a vendor conveniently located in your area, you can still go to a non-approved vendor, but please make sure to provide them with the additional information (They must enter the CONTRACT CODE) that prints on the form.
We use Indentifirm , 530-647-1402, for quick and easy local processing.
Reminder: You MUST register online HERE  and you MUST print out this FORM and bring the Livescan request with you for fingerprinting. 
2.  You will need to upload head shot photo of yourself in your Member Profile.  No hats or sunglasses in the photo please.  Coach's face to occupy 85% of the image. No hat or sunglasses.

You will be notified after Team Formation in late June as to whether or not you have been assigned a team.  Rosters will be released to coaches in late July, afterwhich your #1 job is to contact your players ASAP ... over the next day or so ... do not put those important phone calls off to your players/parents.  Note, that U16/U19 team coaches should be prepared to receive their roster even later ... possibly into August as it usually takes longer to determine IF we have an appropriate number of players for a viable team.

Assistant Coaches: How to let us know you want to assistant coach:
Follow all instructions as listed above.

Recreation Coach Training Requirements:
Sierra Gold Soccer club provides coach training clinics, delivered by professional coaches. These courses are focused on providing our coaches with age group appropriate, practical and useful training.

The following coach training requirement are enforced for recreation teams - applicable to the Head Coach, and optional but highly encouraged for the Assistant Coach:
Age Group  Minimum Training Required
U6             U6/U8 Coach Clinic
U8              U6/U8 Coach Clinic
U10            U10 Coach Clinic
U12-U19     U12+ Coach Clinic & CYSA F License, recommend E license for better development coaching